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“I’ve already seen people beg me, please, please, get Fred away from me. If anyone doubts that, they can look up Kevin and ask him…. If he’s not dead.” In her deposition, Fran Saavedra mentioned other entrepreneurs who had misplaced their trust with Fred De Luca. It would have employed tens of thousands of people and contributed hundreds of millions of dollars in economic benefit to state and local governments and businesses.

According to Fran Saavedra, “I felt that Fred had cannibalized a few companies …

Train delays, like manspreading, are an unavoidable consequence of riding the NYC subway, and there's usually not much you can do to cut through the down time.

Thanks to an innovative New Yorker named Thomas C Knox, though, there's another option: go on a speed date while you wait.

Inspired by this triumph, Knox set up shop again at the West 4th station on Tuesday evening, this time with an added twist: Connect Four!

While the idea of a date on the subway might seem sketchy at first blush, Knox told Thrillist he's not looking for love -- though he's certainly open to it.

The map below is a schematic representation of Kiev’s excellent subway system.

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Drag the Google Maps Pegman onto the map to activate Street View imagery.One dude even yelled "I can't believe I didn't come up with this" as he passed by a Connect Four game in progress.He's got plenty of new twists on the idea to keep things interesting, too, and intends to set up his table once a week at different subway stations.In the late ’90s at Indiana University, Fogle was all but invisible.

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Tipping the scale at 425 pounds, he avoided friends and social events to save face, gobbling junk food alone in a dorm room.

How much chicken is actually in your chicken sandwich?