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A thing about *Bayi for long, she likes to lie down instead! She didn't cry even a drop, in fact giggling2 lagi.

I guess it wasn't painful for her, alhamdulillahh..

Nurul Kharmila Abdullah, 40, said she and families of the other victims were satisfied with the decision taken by the Mara college appeals committee to combat bullying in schools.

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It is reproduced here to show that - contrary to popular belief - female cutting is not always Finally, an entry about *Bayi's circumcision : PShe made it on last Friday with her birth-doc/midwife, Dr Fidak at Tropicana Medical Centre.

Other lawyers who agree said that the authorities should use the electronic monitoring device provided under Poca (Prevention of Crime Act) 1959 and Pota (Prevention of Terrorism Act) 2015.