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Great attention to careful development and coordination was paid in order to integrate the techniques without compromising the integrity of this classified monument.

Mighell has authored dozens of publications and has delivered numerous poster and oral presentations relating to his medical expertise.

AAOS Faculty Guido Marra, MDNorthwestern Memorial Hospital Dr.

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In addition, he was recognized with a Patient’s Choice Award in 2008-14. Marra is actively involved in orthopaedic education both nationally and internationally. Kaeding completed his undergraduate, medical school and orthopaedic training at Northwestern University in Chicago, followed by a fellowship in sports medicine at the Cleveland Clinic.Together with you, we will search for an efficient solution for all your heavy lifting operations.Our branch specific knowledge and experience make us a broadly deployable partner in the vertical transport of all objects.With a lifting capacity of 40 up to 750 tons, we are able to provide you with the best solution. Executing your project in an efficient and accurate manner is our biggest aim.