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Unlike bipartite matching, the key new idea is that an odd-length cycle in the graph (blossom) is contracted to a single vertex, with the search continuing iteratively in the contracted graph.

A major reason that the blossom algorithm is important is that it gave the first proof that a maximum-size matching could be found using a polynomial amount of computation time.

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The algorithm first compares me to other users, seeing how much overlap there is between the movies I watched and rated highly, and the movies that the other users watched and rated highly.Online matchmaking site uses “29 key dimensions that help predict compatibility and the potential for relationship success.” Their system was developed by Dr.Neil Clark Warren, who studied thousands of marriages to develop his “predictive model of compatibility.” Do such scientific methods work? However, scientific personality tests completed with the guidance of a trained researcher do not have 100 percent accuracy (it’s closer to 75 percent).If I want to watch "House of Cards" on Netflix, Kevin Spacey cannot say no to me.

If I message an attractive woman on a dating website, it is up to her whether or not to write a reply message.Recently, a research team led by Professor Kang Zhao at the University of Iowa has developed a better algorithm for dating sites to link up singles.Matching heterosexual couples on a dating site is in many ways similar to matching users to movies on Netflix, or matching buyers to products on Amazon.When an applicant is removed from a previous tentative match, an attempt is then made to re-match this applicant, starting from the top of this applicant's list.