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30-Jun-2017 04:56

The Clear Quest Designers (both Native and Eclipse) allow source states to be defined for base actions in the same way that they can be defined for change state actions.

This is misleading to schema designers because base actions are supposed to be triggered independently of the record's state. If the Clear Quest Web session time-out is set to a higher value than the license-time out, licenses for inactive CQ Web sessions are only released when the CQ session time-out occurs and not after the (earlier) license time-out.

As it will save the attachment file temporarily, the total length (the path length the file name length) may exceed the limitation of the max path length.

In this case, please use a relative short file name.

This could cause CQ Web users to consume too many licenses during busy times of the day.

Security Bulletin: Multiple vulnerabilities in IBM Java Runtime affect IBM Rational Clear Quest (CVE-2015-7575, CVE-2015-4872, CVE-2015-4893, CVE-2015-4803)

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Release notes for version and later are incorporated into the corresponding download documents. To download this release and read information about defects that are fixed in this release, refer to the download page.This technote describes the supported install, upgrade and rollback scenarios for Clear Case and Clear Quest versions 8.x and Requisite Pro version 7.1 and also provides tips on how to avoid problems.This technote includes a matrix that describes the supported configurations for each scenario.Federation of JIRA instances is quite common among enterprise customers.