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15-Jul-2017 11:24

itemupdating event fires twice-59

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Luckily there is an easy and elegant solution with a little custom code.We'll create a class called Disabled Events Scope: This class is simple and to the point.but even when the browser refreshing was performed from another computer, or when there was no browser refreshing, it was still taking longer than it should have. I'd add an entry to the event logs, whenever the events fired. What I noticed in the event logs, were SEVERAL entries from the event receivers! approximately 45 seconds later (since that was my interval at the time), Item Updating... For those familiar with the client object model, it's not unfamiliar that uploading files with metadata is a two-step process.First, the file contents are stored, second the metadata is attached. Digging Deeper Next I wanted to know more about what Share Point is doing between each event receiver.

Users can change data like the number of moons or the distance to the earth, but they are not able to change the name of the planet.Well, today at work, I was really confused why Item Updated event in the Document Library was getting called twice.Debugging, it appears that the Item Updating event or the Item Updated event occurs two times when you enable the Require Check Out option for Document Library!I attached and checked the properties parameter, but quickly realized that I need a helper to handle all of the metadata.