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The former is a self-reflexive representation of an action: I not only do something but also show you that I am doing it.

is regularly used in technology-related publications and in most informal writing such as social media posts, email, and text messages.

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Hershock, in discussing these terms in the context of performative utterances, points out the difference between telling someone that one is laughing out loud and actually laughing out loud: "The latter response is a straightforward action.And lowercase is increasingly being used in formal, edited writing such as newspapers.The related term became widely accessible by the 1990s.Yunker and Barry in a study of online courses and how they can be improved through podcasting have found that these slang terms, and emoticons as well, are "often misunderstood" by students and are "difficult to decipher" unless their meanings are explained in advance.

They single out the example of "ROFL" as not obviously being the abbreviation of "rolling on the floor laughing" (emphasis added).

(However, in some countries in which Internet use is restricted or controlled by the government, the term , for example, have surged in use as people have become increasingly concerned about online security and the personal and social outcomes of an interconnected online world. It is not uncommon for tech-savvy people to playfully use old-fashioned-sounding terms or awkward sentences to comically contrast with their actual technological competence; for example, replacing for the sake of humor the simple suggestion to “look it up online” with “ask the Interweb.” They also may indulge in facetious grammatical errors—like “I has a hotdog”—and conspicuous misspellings—like “teh lolz kitteh” for “the funny cat.” Popular Internet memes can take this playfulness further: for example, ), in which animal photos are paired with their imagined, usually humorous thoughts.