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A young college student desperate for tuition money moves into a house that streams content to an X-rated website.After a deranged fan determines the house's location, she finds herself in a terrifying fight for her life.“Here’s what’s even more disturbing, more than the fact that they did this, there were so many people that saw it and didn’t pick up the phone to dial 911,” Johnson told WGN-TV. It’s just not right.” TEXAS WALMART GREETER STABBED, SUSPECT ARRESTED Johnson, who reportedly was “visibly upset” after he watched the video, immediately ordered an investigation and the department asked Facebook to take the video down.The girl was reported missing after she didn’t return to her Lawndale home after going to the store on Sunday, the Chicago Tribune reported.But the attack was only reported to police when the victim’s own uncle saw the horrific footage.The rape video was available for anyone to watch on Facebook until officers contacted the under-fire social media firm, asking for it to be taken down.'The Antigo Police Department has identified the video producer/camera man, actor and actress in the video.THIS VIDEO HAS NO CONNECTION TO THE DISAPPEARANCE OF KAYLA BERG.

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See more » I saw this last night because the plot really caught my attention, and I was very pleased with it.

In 2015, she began writing about the country's long-standing problem with groping - or chikan, in Japanese - often experienced by schoolgirls on public transportation.

Many victims stay silent, unable to talk about their experiences in a society which, by many accounts, trivialises this phenomenon.

When she reached home, she repeatedly washed the spot where he had pressed himself against her, although she was conscious of not spending too long in the toilet, in case her family noticed that something was wrong.

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Some years later, on her first day of senior high school, she was groped on the commute home.None of the roughly 40 people who watched the video called police about the attack, investigators said.It’s the second time in months that Chicago police have investigated an apparent attack streamed live on Facebook.Police were said to be staggered that no one who saw the live stream reported the crime.