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11-Feb-2017 22:59

And of course we get trippy in the second hour, as is the custom around here. Track details follow: First Hour: Vokonis, “The Sunken Djinn” from Tags: Abominable, Alberta, Armageddon Shop, Athens, Austin, Australia, Barcelona, Big Kizz, Big Kizz Eye on You, Cachemira, Cachemira Jungla, Calgary, Canada, Causa Sui, Causa Sui Live in Copenhagen, Cavra, Cavra Self-titled, Crazysane Records, Denmark, El Paraiso Records, Elder, Elder Reflections of a Floating World, Emil Amos, Emil Amos Filmmusik, Germany, Greece, Green Yeti, Green Yeti Desert Show, Heavy Psych Sounds, Hermitess, Hermitess Self-titled, Massachusetts, Melbourne, Riff Fist, Riff Fist King Tide, Ripple Music, Savanah, Savanah The Healer, South American Sludge Records, Spain, Stickman Records, Supersonic Blues, Supersonic Blues Supersonic Blues Theme, Sweden, Tee Pee Records, Telekinetic Yeti, Telekinetic Yeti Abominable, Texas, Tia Carrera, Tia Carrera Laid Back (Frontside Rock 'n' Roll), Vokonis, Vokonis The Sunken Djinn, Who Can You Trust? Well, set a reminder or, I don’t know, get a preorder in or something, because June 2 is the release date for Elder‘s fourth album, (review here), it will be released by Armageddon Shop and Stickman Records, and to support it this summer, the four-piece have announced a stretch of European tour dates on which they’ll be supported by King Buffalo.

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If you’re not, you will be when you look at the list of bands included. You can check that out below, followed by the tour announcement, and the previously-posted album teaser Here is the cover for our upcoming album “Reflections of a Floating World”, handled by our resident visual magician Adrian Dexter, who again used album’s double LP format in a unique and beautiful way.

But when the ‘R’ flashes, your brain says, ‘Hey, wait a minute.