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The album's most successful song from a commercial perspective is probably "If Not for You", which also was recorded by George Harrison, who had played guitar on a version of the song not released until 1991's Bootleg Series Volume 2, and was also an international hit for Olivia Newton-John in 1971. Dylan discusses the recording of New Morning at length in one chapter of his autobiography, Chronicles, Vol. Several alternate, preliminary forms of the album have been documented, including tracks which later appeared on the 1973 Dylan.He has played only four of the album's twelve songs in concert; one, "If Dogs Run Free", made its live debut on October 1, 2000, within days of the 30th anniversary of the album's original release.

During this period he penned "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right," "Boots of Spanish Leather" and "Tomorrow Is A Long Time" -- all bittersweet love songs about Rotolo.

New Morning was released four months after Self Portrait and there was some speculation that it was recorded hastily and rushed out as an immediate response to the scathing criticism that surrounded Self Portrait.

In fact, much of New Morning was already complete when Self Portrait was officially released.

Rotolo took him to CORE (The Congress of Racial Equality) meetings and taught him much about the civil rights movement.

"A lot of what I gave him was a look at how the other half lived -- left wing things that he didn't know," Rotolo told writer David Hajdu in his book .

Mc Cartney was a huge crowd pleaser two years ago, but everybody loves the Beatles.