Are taeyang and dara dating

21-Aug-2017 21:46

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, a show that is almost three-quarters through its initial airing.

Secondly, he is the global representative of South Korea-based coffeehouse chain Caffe Bene, in which Kim Soo Hyun leads the way of making the company the number one coffeehouse chain in China over the current number one there, Starbucks.

“We see Teddy when he’s at work in the studio, but since we like to joke around a lot – he’s more like an older brother to us. There was nothing different about the way he acted around us.

Even while we were working on our music video, he looked over all the details, including our clothes, and didn’t seem the slightest bit different.

Despite all the responsibilities Kim Soo Hyun has on his plate, it seems he has time to enjoy the company of others, especially when it comes to romance.

Rumors are flying like crazy that Kim is dating Sandara Park, one of the singers of K-pop group 2NE1. K-drama and K-pop internet forums are flooding with discussion of a possible relationship between Kim Soo Hyun and Sandara Park, as reported by .

When asked about their own personal lives, CL replied, “I don’t have a love life.

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You all know that I never really posted any of the appler’s investigations here right? I think he has been giving hints for awhile now and not just in the lyrics of his love songs. In one Japanese interview, he mentioned that he wished Taeyang will finally have a girlfriend because falling in love is one of the most important emotions an artist must go through.

So hearing that he was dating someone was sort of a surprise,” said CL.