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, that age-old tale of a sweet and sheltered New York teen on the cusp of womanhood who comes of age thanks to the suggestive undulations and tender touch of a rebellious bad-boy dance instructor. He takes to the dance floor and dances with the ladies, hyper-aware of everything going on, including the fact that Baby’s drooling over him. Now, though, unencumbered with decency, he throws those skills out the window in favor of a little dance-floor dry humpage. After that, it’s a standard high school-style game of Johnny being negative, then being a saint. He saw the raw power of rock and roll and its ability to unleash long-dormant sexual impulses in the masses...(There’s also some stuff about back-alley abortions, but most people just kind of skip over that and get to the grindin’.) It’s a classic tale of innocence and love conquering oppressive adults and outdated sexual mores -- or so they would have you believe. When Johnny walks in, however, the conversation turns. When Baby later shows up to the after-hours party in the staff cabin, Johnny immediately beelines to her, asking what she’s doing there and walking away coldly. During their training montages, he berates and then slyly lays on the suave. That pelvis goes undulating and Johnny goes from first base to a walk-off grand slam in a matter of seconds. and he harnessed it into that sweet, sweet Swayze pelvis.

” a waiter presses following Johnny’s mandate of chastity. ” Johnny seems to get the message, despite obviously carrying on with humping the older women at the resort at will. Within 20 seconds, they’re grinding crotches together. This seems suspect, given that we’ve already seen Johnny executing Baryshnikov-caliber moves on the dance floor. Sure, he thrives on a steady diet of MILF, but he’s also a man raised in the ‘50s, when rock idols constantly sang of hooking up with 16-year-olds and Jerry Lee Lewis made a big show of marrying his teenage cousin.

** You can also combine the maple syrup, espresso, almond butter and spices into one sauce and pour that over the yogurt, but I like having the extra liquid of the espresso and maple syrup on top. Jenni lives in Des Moines, Iowa with her amazing husband, two girls, two dogs who think they are children, and a feisty cat.

She is the creator of The Gingered Whisk, a recipe blog dedicated to finding easy, healthy-ish, and tasty weeknight meals that kids and adults alike will love.

When 17-year-old Baby (Nabokov didn’t get a writing credit, by the way) arrives at the Kellerman’s Resort of rich New Yorkers, she immediately becomes infatuated with Johnny Castle, crushing on him hard. When it turns out Penny can only get her back-alley abortion on the day of her and Johnny’s big dance, it’s Baby who insists on learning the routine, getting closer and closer to Johnny until she’s close enough to seduce him. When we first meet Johnny, he walks into Kellerman’s as his manager is giving a slightly creepy pep talk to his summer employees. The fellow staffers, hypnotized, immediately spring into a highly choreographed dance, as if Michael Jackson threw the dance magic of at them.

Before we know it, the age-unknown Johnny and teenage Baby are official residents of Pound Town, with Baby sneaking in and out of his trashy cabin to do the horizontal tango. But when you look at the whole thing from Johnny’s perspective, it becomes increasingly obvious that Johnny’s got this whole thing planned. The old folks all get up and begin bumping and grinding.You make a smoothie, and then instead of sucking it through a straw you pour it into a bowl and artfully decorate it with #allthethings until it resembles a work of art. Pour that over protein packed vanilla greek yogurt and top it with a crunchy raisins, dates and pecans granola based cereal from Post Great Grains, sliced bananas and sliced almonds.They are vibrant and beautiful, buuuut when it comes down to it, you are eating cold soup for breakfast. And magically, breakfast transforms from hurriedly gulping down “something” into to a treat you want to savor.I know, its pretty terrible, but that’s about all I have been making time for anymore. But this dirty chai parfait takes literally 2 minutes to create, but it still feels lovely and gorgeous.